Auckland Water Polo Entry Records Shattered Across the Board

Continuing 2016's trend of record-breaking entries in Auckland Water Polo (AWP), an all-time high of 51 teams will compete in the AWP Under 14 and 16 leagues, due to commence on the final weekend of this month.


This will place pressure on pool space, referees, coaches, and players - a challenge that the region is up for says Auckland Water Polo chair Chris Hayward.

"AWP will cope as best it can but it could be a bit of a juggling act in scheduling all the games over the two months of competition. The biggest strain may come on the clubs stretching their resources a lot with coaching and refereeing a particular concern" he said.

Club teams from Mountfort Park in the south to Hibiscus Coast in the north will compete - with all six of the city's clubs taking part.

The trend continues from this year's senior, under 20, and under 18 league numbers which were also the highest yet.

"It shows that water polo is building off of the huge popularity in schools, coupled with huge demand in Flippa Ball and under 12 water polo: all very exciting times ahead even though things will be stretched on some occassions!"

Games kick off this Saturday and Sunday at Diocesan and Sacred Heart across the age groups and divisions.

Check out the opening weekend's draw here.

Wilson Longhurst